Undergraduate Minor

The Digital Filmmaking minor allows students to work with the only Digital Filmmaking program in the state of Arkansas. The program strongly emphasizes narrative visual storytelling and students learn the technical aspects of digital production, including computer based pre-production and pre-visualization, digital cinematography, and computer based editing, effects, and sound design.

Given the continued growth of media outlets (movie theater, TV, Internet) professionals that have the ability to use this cutting-edge technology, as well as the ability to create original content to fill these outlets, will be be in high demand.

Contact professor Jen Gerber for more information

Digital Filmmaking Minor – 22 hours

Required Courses: 13 Hours
FILM 1305  Intro to Film
FILM 1310 Visual Storytelling [Prereq FILM 1305]
FILM 2310  Script Analysis [Prereq FILM 1305]
FILM 2466  Dig Film 1 [Prereq FILM 1310, 2310]

Choose One of the Following: 3 Hours
FILM 3350  Cinema History 1 [Prereq FILM 1305] or
FILM 3315  Classical Film Theory [Prereq FILM 1305]

Electives: 6 hours
Select in consultation with a departmental advisor from the courses listed below

FILM 3305 Production Design
FILM 3316 Film Theory Since 1960 [Prereq FILM 1305]
FILM 3320 Film Editing
FILM 3321 Internship (120 clock hours)
FILM 3322 Directed Study in Digital Filmmaking [Prereq Consent of Instructor]
FILM 3351 Cinema History 2 [Prereq FILM 1305]
FILM 3355 Visual Effects Compositing
FILM 3356 Animation for Visual Effects
FILM 3363 Audio Production and Design for Film
FILM 3373 Documentary Production
FILM 3456 Digital Filmmaking 2 [Prereq 2466]
FILM 4356 Digital Filmmaking 3 [Prereq 3456]
FILM 4357 Digital Filmmaking 4 [Prereq 4356]
FILM 4380 Seminar in Film Studies
FILM 4392 Topics in Digital Production
JOUR 3374 Broadcast Journalism Production II
JOUR 4313 Writing for Electronic Media
MCOM 3307 Theories of Mass Communication
MCOM 4323 Seminar in Mass Communication
WRTG 3320 Forms of Scriptwriting
WRTG 3376 Screenwriting Workshop