Alumni Spotlight Tim Wistrand, Terrell Case & Corey Gattin ’10


Timothy Lucas Wistrand was born in Franklin, Nebraska in 1984 and grew up in Little Flock, Arkansas.  He attended the University of Central Arkansas where he met Terrell Case and Matthew Gattin.  They made a film together titled Rumby in the Jungy (2009) which was awarded Best Narrative Short at UCA and was accepted to the 2010 Little Rock Film Festival.  Tim is currently the video analysis specialist at Easy Runner.   After graduating from UCA with a B.A. in Digital Filmmaking, he co-directed a feature length documentary The Natural State of America (2011).  The film was the opening night film at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and a selection at the Little Rock Film Festival.   After NSOA Tim began working for 2007 Productions a small studio that develops, produces, and distributes films, webisodes, and music. He is currently producing the film, Rapture Us, written by Levi Agee.

Terrell Case, a native Arkansan, is a co-founder of two film production companies, Duck-A-Duck Productions and 2007 Productions.  He has helped produce several comedy shorts with other filmmakers associated with these companies.  He is currently an editor at P. Allen Smith.  In college he co-directed the short film Rumby in the Jungy, which was in the UCA Film Festival and later the Little Rock Film Festival.  After completing his undergraduate degree in Digital Filmmaking with a minor in Anthropology at UCA in 2010, he accepted the task of making a documentary feature for Brian C. Campbell, his former Anthropology professor.  Case co-directed the film, titled The Natural State of America (2011), with Tim Wistrand and Matt Gattin.   The film  premiered at the Little Rock Film Festival and screened opening night at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.  Since then, he was involved with Cotton County Boys and the upcoming film, Rapture Us, written by Levi Agee.

Matthew Corey Gattin graduated from UCA with a degree in Digital Filmmaking, minoring in Anthropology.  In college he met Terrell Case and Tim Wistrand and together they formed Duck-A-Duck Productions.  Around the same time, he met Collin Buchanan and Levi Agee; they all formed 2007 Productions as a result.  Gattin co-directed The Natural State of America (2011) along side Tim and Terrell.  The film was in several film festivals and screened in many cities in Arkansas and colleges around the country.  He continues to work with 2007 Productions and Duck-A-Duck Productions after helping produce Rumby in the Jungy, The Natural State of America, and Cotton County Boys.  He is currently involved with the film, Rapture Us, written by Levi Agee.





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