Alumni Spotlight Gabe Mayhan


What are you doing now professionally?

I am a cinematographer

What books, artwork or other movies have inspired you, overall or recently?

Ernest Hemingway, Eudora Welty and William Faulkner are some of the writers I most admire. Lately the music of Yann Teirson is very inspirational. Drive is one of the Best Movies I have seen in a long time

Who are some early mentors or teachers that have inspired you?

Mark Wilken while I was at the University, he was always prodding around or he creative spirt that is in all of us. And I suppose the American Cinematographer periodical. Being in Arkansas, while a blessing in most regards, is a bit limited with mentors in the art of cinematography. So I read every book and magazine that I could get my hands on to “learn” from the best!

What is the most helpful professional advice you have received?

Never mail in a project, if you start to “get the job done” you need to find another profession, this is a art form and you should treat every project with the same amount of respect.

How did your experience at UCA help shape your professional career?

I feel like the more educated and knowledgeable one is the more one has to draw from creatively. I studied many, many different things at UCA (I changed my major 4 times!!!!) and knowing even a little about different things is something that can be advantageous in a creative career. Not to mention this is the first place I really picked up a camera!

What is your dream project?

The next one…;)

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